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  1. We stock parts for both Vapform and Moxvoid generators plus spares for all your old Solvman SunDrives
  2. Just in! Grevebam-Chirretact capacitors and steamlinks
  3. We are also the go to supplier for all major makes of SunDrives, Haalstromm Beam engines and FastStream drives.

drives, engines and tomosphere units

solvman sundrives

from atmosphere to deep space

Dylgec Pressure control and Buffer manifolds (all latency-enabled models come with updated hard, soft and wetware nodes ready to install)

Haalstromm Beam engines and FastStream drives.

for extrasolar and cross-system use to deep tunnel excursions.

Vapform and Moxvoid hyper field generators

Panesus and Creuthei accelerators



all reconditioned items come with full in-flight warrenty
  • WeightJet and PumpJet plasma injectors
  • Hard and soft Vacuum Evaporation Channels
  • Integrated Backbone Frameworks
  • Black and Red Shell radiation shielding
  • Balanced buffers
  • Push-pull traction field generators


all reconditioned items come with full in-flight warrenty
  • Sourced refuel carbon rod array
  • Exothermic coupling bench connector
  • Three-way transuranic “Passive Morgan” field enabler
  • We also stock Cybertitan and RoboHexon exo-suits for all external repairs.


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